difference between json and ajax

javascript - Difference between ajax and getJSON calls? -

So I'm wondering why getJSON does not work, when the jQuery docs state that getJSON is just shorthand for the .ajax call? EDIT: I had put

php - difference between json and ajax? when should what be

You can use AJAX with JSON, by retrieving some data in the JSON format from the web server, using AJAX, then using JavaScript to parse the

Ajax with HTML or JSON | brockallen

Recently a poster on the asp.net forums asked about the difference between returning HTML or JSON from Ajax calls. Here was my answer: airic

What's the difference between AJAX and JSON?

Hi all; Looking at these it appears that the difference is just one passes XML back and forth and the other JSON. Is that it? Or is there

AJAX :: .Net 3.5 JSON And WCF Serialization?

I'm trying some WCF ajax.net 3.5 out for the first time, and I'm Is there a way to get the enum as a string in my json without having

AJAX Using JSON for data transfer

Retrieving JSON Data Via Ajax JSON basicsAt its simplest, JSON allows you This is the biggest difference between JSON and other data formats this

JSON Diff Released - Ajaxian

AjaxianIt?s ?Ajax?, not ?AJAX?, stupidNews Podcasts Showcases utility, JSON Diff, which gives you a graphical look at the difference

What is the difference between JSON and AJAX with jQuery?

Can anyone explain the difference between making a jQuery AJAX request using JSON and making a jQuery AJAX request without the json type?

What are the differences between JSON and JSONP? - Stack

This is usually used to allow for cross-site AJAX with JSON data. If you know that example.com is serving JSON files that look like the JSONP

JSON in Servlet with Ajax call - Javadomain

Printing JSON in Servlet with Ajax call required content type setting change in servlet and JSON parsing in JS side. But if you want to call your s

The AJAX response: XML, HTML, or JSON? - QuirksBlog

The AJAX response: XML, HTML, or JSON?Since my last AJAX project I've increasingly been wondering about the "ideal" output format for the AJAX

Difference between Ajax and JSON | Ajax vs JSON

AJAX stands for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML. It is a group of web development programs used to design websites. The programs create interactive web

Difference Between $.getJSON() and $.ajax() in jQuery

.getJson is simply a wrapper around .ajax but it provides a simpler method signature as some of the settings are defaulted e.g dataType to json,

AJAX implementation in Struts 2 using JQuery and JSON

AJAX implementation in Struts 2 using JQuery and JSON jQuery allows you to issue an ajax request and expects a JSON object as a response

CakePHP: JSON vs AJAX - Stack Overflow

I realize that JSON is a way of formatting data and AJAX is a way In reality the difference in performance isn't going to be that great

ajax - Differences between using json and jsonP - Stack

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AJAX vs. JSON - Compare Side by Side | reComparison

AJAX means asynchronous JavaScript and XML. It is basically used for the development of interactive web pages, and is used to communicate with Di

jQuery - .getjson VS .ajax json - Stack Overflow

jQuery - .getjson VS .ajax json [duplicate]Ask Question up vote 31 down Is there a difference between attack rolls and attack bonus for spells?

Difference between Ajax, restful/Rest JSON and JSONP - Stack

If you understand the concept of a URL being used to request a corresponding resource from a server and the difference between Get and Post then you

What is the difference between these codes: AJAX and JSON?

There is not much of a difference, jQury $.getJSON is just wrapper $.ajax with more specific interface. http://api.jquery.com/jquery.ajax/ ->

[WW-3954] Ajax Validation is broken (json) - ASF JIRA

But why the response of the Ajax call is only success evenif there are some errors when we tried to validate Form in using jsonValidation ? When

Spring MVC, Ajax and JSON Part 1 - Setting The Scene

that overall things have changed dramatically over the last couple of years and the answers to this ?how do I write a Spring Ajax/JSON application

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I'm posting data through an $.ajax call to a php file. When the ajax call is completed, I run another javascript function that does a $.get I have a javascript app that sends ajax POST requests to a certain URL. Response might be a JSON string or it might be a file (as an attachment

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