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FinalsClub/django-ajax-selects-cascade GitHub

django-ajax-selects-cascade - Supports the dependence of one AutoCompleteSelectField upon the choice of another AutoCompleteSelectField.

AutoCompleteSelectField has no attribute 'limit_choices_to'

django-ajax-selects - jQuery UI-powered auto-complete fields for ForeignKey, ManyToMany and text fields

Django JQuery Autocomplete for Model Selection | Elpenia's

I've been working on a very cool snippet, inspired by Django Autocomplete Widget : The idea is t

Select2, autocomplete in the Django-Suit admin | Yuji Tomita

Having auto-fill select widgets is a night and day improvement in UX for large select boxes. Adding it to django suit was easy, but surprisi

Download Ajax Autocomplete Software: Magic Forms, Ulink6 6.x-

Free ajax autocomplete downloads - Collection of ajax autocomplete freeware, shareware download - Ajax autosuggest/autocomplete from datab, php ui tool,

Django autocomplete feature with django-ajax-selects

the example in the docs assumes that you are using the admin, so it puts the url pattern just before the /admin/ so that the ajax urls get

How To Create an Ajax Autocomplete Textfield In Drupal 7 |

Drupal How To Create an Ajax Autocomplete Textfield In Drupal 7 How To Get a List Of All User Permissions Available in Django Based

Django dropdown autocomplete ajax Workers and Jobs | Freelancer

Hire the top Django dropdown autocomplete ajax Workers, or work on the latest Django dropdown autocomplete ajax Jobs. Page - 1

python - Django, JQuery, and autocomplete - Stack Overflow

If you're looking to search from within your django models then somethingthis, we are gonna use Ajax, JQuery and the JQuery-ui's autocomplete

Django-autocomplete - jquery AutoComplete for ForeignKey &amp

Django-autocomplete - jquery AutoComplete for ForeignKey & ManyToManyFieldIt has built-in ajax support. It supports mobile UI kit to create mobile

autocomplete widget Issue #30 crucialfelix/django-

django-ajax-selects - jQuery UI-powered auto-complete fields for ForeignKey, ManyToMany and text fields

AJAX Autocomplete Search with Django and jQuery - Flaviu Simi

Let?s say you have some data that you want to autocomplete in a text field as the user types. This is what your Django model might look like if

Download django-autocomplete-light-1.0.17 - (27.8 MB) MP3 and

Demonstration of django-autocomplete-light 1.0.17 (Update: django-autocomplete-light is now at version 1.0.24). Links: Example using autocomplete_light

django-autocomplete-bootstrap3 | Read the Docs

django-autocomplete-bootstrap3 Overview Downloads Search Builds VersionsVersions latest Build a version Description Autocomplete widgets for Django. Reposi

Vim autocomplete, Django and virtualenv - rosemanblog

Date Wed 21 April 2010 Category Technical Tags django / vim / virtualenv / autocomplete One of the features I quite missed when I first moved from

django-haystack autocomplete returns too wide results

I try to do autocomplete search, it works, however returns too many How do I loop through a nested context dictionary in Django when I have

javascript - jQuery Autocomplete / django-ajax-selects: how

django-ajax-selects is built using jQuery Autocomplete, but the above functionality is quite different from the standard behavior of jQuery Autocomplete and

django-taggit-autocomplete-modified?s documentation ?

This guide provides an introduction to the django-taggit-autocomplete-modified 0.1.0b6 release, including instructions about how to install, configure and

Debian Package Tracking System - django-ajax-selects

Django library for editing fields with autocomplete NEW: Take a look at the new package tracker:

django-ajax-selects 1.5.2 : Python Package Index

Edit ForeignKey, ManyToManyField and CharField in Django Admin using jQuery UI AutoComplete. django-ajax-selects 1.5.2Downloads ? Edit ForeignKey, ManyTo

django-sorted-autocomplete-m2m Warehouse (PyPI)

ManyToMany widget with autocomplete and sortable items. Search PyPI Search PyPI Search django-sorted-autocomplete-m2m 1.0.5 pip

Autocomplete for Foreign Keys in the Django Admin Explained

When the select drop-down for foreign keys in the Django Admin gets big Getting The Autocomplete Data Normally the hard part is providing an AJAX

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