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Edit: after the edit of the question, if the data inside the innermost arrays are strings or integers you can use a function like this:

PHP array length

Get PHP array length. Usefull desription how to determine the length and/or the size of a PHP array

json_object_get_array: Access an array JSON object |

json_object_get_array() is used to access an array within a json object. JSON contains key:value pairs, where value can be an array. The val

Getting the length of an array, trought amfphp.

I tried to put the database in an array in flash, but that only establishing a conection with the php, trough amfphp, to retrieve the

PHP: count - Manual

for a detailed explanation of how arrays are implemented and used in PHP. strlen() - Get string lengthadd a note User Contributed Notes 12 notes

How to get PHP $_GET array? - Stack Overflow

I think i know what you mean, if you want to send an array through PHP GET Form Multiple Checkbox Array 'Checked' Status from URI Param

How to use PHP strlen to get the string length with 5 examples

The strlen function is used to get the length of a string in PHP If you use an array in thestrlen function, it will return null and

Getting Started with PHP

3. Getting Started with PHP Server-side Scripts 6.8 Indexed Arrays and Associative Arrays6.9 strlen(str): returns the length of the given

faster way to get from SQL database into array - comp.lang.php

faster way to get from SQL database into arrayI currently have a list of md5 strings and need to check if a new string is in that list hundreds

array inside a $_GET - PHP Development

Hi to all, I'm starting to learn PHP. I'm not able to find a way to write an array inside a $_GET or $_POST. I've tried: $_GET']; {

?php - dcb3688 - ?

(PHP_OS, 0, 3) == "WIN"); define('my_

The history of most of the commonly used PHP function Daquan,

Records of some commonly used functions and function code PHP! Do not miss oh. Some common commonly used functions and function code PHP! join(

Javascript getElementByTagName , finding the length of

Tips and Tricks for PHP, JQUERY, Javascript and AJAX beginners,How to solve problems in php , jquery, cssHow to find the lengtth of array c

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PHP Array Length Function to Get Length of Arrays

Tweet Tweet PHP Arrays are collections of items identified and ordered by index. Array length is just the number of elements it contains. For an array:

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PHP and HTML $_GET array $_POST array Loops and Arrays Miscellaneous First off, to get the array length, the syntax is: count($newArray),

phpredis/phpredis GitHub

redis_array.c Call zval destructor if we fall back to prevent leak 7 Get homebrew-php brew install php55-redis (or php53-redis, php54-redis)

the_post_thumbnail() | Function | WordPress Developer Resources

Accepts any valid image size, or an array of width and height values inin your PHP code instead of displaying it, use: get_the_post_thumbnail(

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<?php /** * [Chimicron-auto] (C)2014-2099 tntxia. * * $Id: class_core.php 2014-07-13 08:21:13Z tntxia $ */ define('IN_CHIMICRON_AUTO'

How to Get the Size/length of an Array in PHP?

How to Get the Size/length of an Array in PHP? SOLUTION: Learn how to count the number of elements of an Array in PHP

PHP Array Length

In almost any useful or complex php application, there will likely be a reason to count an array. Since an array is simply a list of items, words

PHP: BASICS - Samples

The first script (SampleGetKeywords.php) gets all the words from the The array of words extracted from the document is created in Javascript

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Sign up or log in to customize your list. more stack exchange communities company blog Stack Exchange Inbox Reputation and Badges sign up lo Creating Arrays in JavaScript JavaScript FAQ | JavaScript Arrays FAQ Question: How do I create an array in JavaScript? Answer: You can create an array