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iOS 8+ Play Error on iPhone Only Issue #1845 videojs/

When iOS8 had first come out I thought that it was related to this release, so I actually just patched our version with the following where it was

android - iPhone and Javascript issues - Stack Overflow

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Mailbox App for iOS Automatically Executes Javascript |

The popular Mailbox app for iOS automatically executes javascript embedded in HTML, putting users in line for abuse from spammers and phishers. Welcome >

iOS7 YouTube Height Issues - iPad and iP | JW Player

This suggests that there is something outside of the code you have provided that is causing an issue for you on iOS7 - maybe the "populateCluetip"

(/appium/lib/devices/ios/ios.js:1658:53 - Issues/Bugs -

I am testing a website on Safari browser using iPhone 6 Simulator and getting this exception after Safari browser is launched. I tried running appium

iOS Javascript problem - Unity Answers

iOS Javascript problemHi, I have a game which runs fine on android and without any problems , but when I run the same game in iOS there are some

db:: 4.97::iPhone iOS7 Problem with Find My iPhone js

of the iphone before selling it.As he was not able to find in any way the password, the gave the iphone to me and ask me to solve the problem

to the problems about ios,java,linux,android,javascript,

Sharing the solutions to the problems about ios,java,linux,android,javascript,xcode,swift,python,html5

iPhone Javascript styling issues,javascript,android,ios,

<p>I tried opening this game on an iPhone, and the formatting is completely off. <a href="http://games-reachtheflag.rhcloud.com/labyrinth/" rel="

Test Case for ios 4 / Android 2.2 JavaScript issues

Test Case for ios 4 / Android 2.2 JavaScript issues A Pen By Nick Williams Run Fork Settings Change View Open this Pen in:

twinejs / issues / #64 - Downloading files on Chrome/iOS

with an attachment via JavaScript, but I'd be happy to be proven wrong. The problem is not with twine, this is something that IOS doesn't

in IOS 8 safari Issue #5341 mozilla/pdf.js GitHub

If that's the case it will be really hard to narrow down the problem Yeah, Safari's JavaScript engine for actual iPhone 5 CPU can be at

UIWebView javascript with IOS Issue - Stack Overflow

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Unsolved HTML5 video issues on iOS | Blog | Miller Medeiros

this one is going to be about bugs and issues that I couldn?t find a solution and/or things that are impossible to do on the iPhone and iPad

to the problems about ios,java,linux,android,javascript,

Sharing the solutions to the problems about ios,java,android,javascript,xcode,swift,html5

Video.js issues on iPad & iPhone (iOS) - Troubleshooting -

For the most part, it went without a hitch but I had issue with the HTML5 video playing on a first generation iPad with iOS 5.x and my iPhone

javascript - iphone webview and iframe issues - Stack Overflow

In webViewDidFinishLoad i use stringByEvaluatingJavascriptFromString to execute a javascript function that creates an iframe, waits for it t

iOS javascript SDK crash issues - Wikitude Forum - Message

iOS javascript SDK crash issues. Wikitude Developer Forum for discussions around Augmented Reality, Wikitude SDK, Publishing in Wikitude or ARchitect Engine.

132691 ? HTMLAudioElement doesn't play with Javascript on

with Javascript on mobile WebKit (Safari and Chrome on iPad/iPhone/Android) More colors on the issue, I intend to deliver the game through HTML5

Mobile Safari: Forced Refresh Because of Issue With Javascript

Mobile Safari: Forced Refresh Because of Issue With Javascript but when I tap on the iOS UI icon to go to the next field (upon

Getting Issues when building js-ios-app in xcode | Jaspersoft

Home Answers Getting Issues when building js-ios-app in xcode Getting Issues when building js-ios-app in xcode

Safari JavaScript Issues on iPad on with iOS6 | Official

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"Chrome will never be as good as Safari," many lamented upon Chrome's iOS debut, "It doesn't have access to Apple's private Nitro Javascript If for any reason you need to turn off JavaScript in your Google Chrome browser, here's how. Click the Chrome menu icon (three vertical

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Delphi how to disable dropdown popup software: Kill those annoying Ad Popup Windows, Block/kill ads popup, Stop Messenger Spam, Create Javascript popup How can I disable a dropdownmenu in dojo, javascript up vote 0 down vote favorite I want to make a dropdownmenu readonly (disabled) in dojo (

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