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I did a google search for the answer but I've probably overlooked something obvious I wish to comment out a block of code that has the

Is there any tool for commenting JavaScript code?

Is there any tool for commenting JavaScript code?Ask Question The closes you get is manually adding comments with something like jsdoc-

Javascript Tutorial - Comments

Learn how to insert javascript comments with's Javascript Comments lesson.

js commit: Change jake reference in code comments to say "

Updated Branches: refs/heads/master 3d81324b9 -> 3a9b99a49 Change jake reference in code comments to say "grunt" Project: http://git-wip-us

XML Documentation Comments (JavaScript)

In JavaScript you can create documentation for your code by including XML tags in special comment fields in the source code. These XML tags are used by

How do I comment my HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP code?

This article will teach you how to comment your HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP code.

Coder's Editor to Edit JavaScript Source Code

EditPad Pro is a convenient text editor with many powerful features designed for programmers, with built-in support for JavaScript. with built-in suppo

Comments on 100k Factory Code - Js-Kit Dot Com

Latest Comments On The Js-Kit 100k Factory Revolution CodeToday, Google has announced their latest product called ?Google Buzz?

explainjs - side-by-side javascript comments & code

Instant side-by-side view of your comments and code.Try ItTry it out on your own JavaScript file. Just enter the URL to your source:

comment.js - Free Open Source Codes -

comment.js Search and download open source project / source codes from

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Provide thousands of free JavaScript code examples, DHTML, HTML JavaScript Tutorials, Reference and Help. is the best JavaScript resources

Topic: 'RETARDED' comment in js code Forums

We got a message from one of our users who saw comment in the source code of our site. They were very very offended by the use of this language

JavaScript debug, comment code | Javascript

Javascript Projects for $15 - $25. Hello! I have javascript game (used jQuery and CreateJS) I need to debug and complete

Create QR Codes Online (Generators, JavaScript Plugins & Code

Although this is a hosted JavaScript library that creates QR Codes with requests to the Google servers, it is still a very good

commenting in javascript|javascript comments | AuthorCode

Mostly Comments are used to explain the JavaScript code so that end user can understand your code and easy to readable. There are two types of

Download JavaScript Code Examples, Tutorials, Reference - Top

Provide thousands of free JavaScript code examples, DHTML, HTML JavaScript Tutorials, Reference and Help. is the best JavaScript resources

Code: Remove JavaScript Comments

might be useful to preserve in the case of non-JavaScript-aware bots or old browsers. It is probably best to include scripts outside the document,

JavaScript Coding Standards ? Make WordPress Core

Post & Comment Guidelines Workflows & Tools WordPress Coding Standards PHP JavaScript Coding Standards Inline Documentation Standards PHP Documentation

JavaScript comment - javatpoint

JavaScript comments tutorial for beginners and professionals with example, advantages and disadvantage of javascript comments, types of javascript comments,

Does removing comments improve code performance? JavaScript -

I would go for a tool like JSMin to make the code smaller and remove Removing comments will make the Javascript file smaller and easier to

comment object JavaScript

Indicates a non-displayed comment. The comment tag is not rendered by the browser. It is useful to insert remarks into the source code, which can

Adding Comments to JavaScript Code |

If you want to be a good scripter/programmer, it is highly suggested that you seriously consider using comments within your code. For one,

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create new elements and add them to the current element as children, or It is possible to manipulate CSS styles via JavaScript in a variety of I want to add the following code in my section of the front page In Drupal 8 client resources like CSS and JavaScript files are attached

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2ee207717f980101c8ede9d3696d741a7492d1c3 Even better way to test js: build fixtures programmatically, no need for monkeypatching the code under test A functional test suite powered by jQuery and the test framework of your choice.FuncUnit enhances assertion libraries like QUnit and Jasmine