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Create GUID / UUID in JavaScript? - Stack Overflow

The GUID / UUID should be at least 32 characters and should stay in the ASCII range to avoid trouble when passing them around

pnegri/uuid-js GitHub

uuid-js - A js library to generate and parse UUIDs,TimeUUIDs and generate TimeUUID based on Date for range selections

Create a GUID / UUID in Javascript | NITISH KUMAR

?Universally Unique Identifier (UUID) is an identifier standard used in software construction, standardized by the Open Software Foundation (OSF) as part

Random UUID : UUID Dojo toolkit JavaScript Tutorial

JavaScript Tutorial Language Basics Operators Statement Development Number Data Type String Function Global Math Form Array Date Dialogs Document Event Locat

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JavaScript /*! Math.uuid.js (v1.4) Copyright (c) 2010 Robert Kieffer Dual licensed under the

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JavaScript branch: master Switch branches/tags Branches Tags master Otherwise, global fallback will be used, exposed via lil.uuid

aurigadl/uuid-js GitHub

uuid-js - A js library to generate and parse UUIDs,TimeUUIDs and generate TimeUUID based on Date for range selections

how to create guid by javascript? - JavaScript / Ajax / DHTML

how to create guid by javascript?. JavaScript / Ajax / DHTML Forums on Bytes. home > topics > javascript / ajax / dhtml > questions > how to cr

JavaScript UUID ? Freecode

A class to create UUID compatible IDs in JavaScript. Projects / JavaScript UUIDJavaScript UUIDJavaScript UUID provides a class that creates a pseudo-UUID

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//On creation of a UUID object, set it's initial value function UUID( // since JavaScript doesn't allow access to internal systems, the

jquery - Javascript string to Guid - Stack Overflow

The question is how to parse an existing guid. Not how to generate a 2231How do I make the first letter of a string uppercase in JavaScript?

Create GUID / UUID in JavaScript? - Stack Overflow

I'm trying to create globally-unique identifiers in JavaScript. I'm not sure what routines are available on all browsers, how "random" and seeded

Generating a UUID in Javascript

Say you want to generate an RFC4122 version 4 compliant UUID in Javascript. Here are a few techniques. I created a test harness to test various

Uuid - MontageJS API

Returns true if the calling object and anObject are identical and their uuid properties are also equal. Otherwise, returns false. getBinding(targetPath)

nikhilm / uuidjs ? Bitbucket

Simple libuuid bindings to allow UUIDs to be generated from JS. Nikhil Marathe uuidjs Overview Clone in SourceTree Clone in SourceTree

UUID Generator in JavaScript - Ajaxian

As long as there is a sufficient degree of randomness, the odds of picking the same UUID are so astronomically low that we can essentially guarantee


A js library to generate and parse UUIDs,TimeUUIDs and generate TimeUUID based on Date for range selections

Create a GUID in JavaScript

Its easy to make GUIDs in JavaScript. Below is code to get strings thatA heavy duty version that meets the GUID standards can be found here

broofa/node-uuid GitHub

node-uuid - Generate RFC-compliant UUIDs in JavaScript JavaScript Gnuplot Shell C HTML Branch: master Interface for generating uuids

franks42/cljs-uuid-utils GitHub

cljs-uuid-utils - Micro lib with ClojureScript implementation of a random, type 4 UUID generator compatible with cljs.core/UUID

davesann/cljs-uuid GitHub

uses cljs.core.UUID removed no longer relevant print methods only relevant fn is now make-randomAs of version 0.0.2 you can use the lib in

Java, JavaScript, mysql, Oracle, PHP generation UUID (32 bit)

Java, JavaScript, php, mysql, Oracle generation UUID (32 bit) method A, Java: [java]vie Home > Articles > Javascript > DetailsJava,

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