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Oracle Nashorn: A Next-Generation JavaScript Engine for the JVM

Scenarios for using Oracle Nashorn as a command-line tool and as an embedded interpreter in Java applications Scenarios for using Oracle Nashorn

OpenJDK: Nashorn

Project NashornNashorn's goal is to implement a lightweight high-performance JavaScript which was started in 1997 by Netscape and maintained by Mozilla

Project Nashorn - JavaScript on the JVM - codecentric AG Blog

When mapping these functions and concepts to the various specifications that make up a browser-like JavaScript environment, it becomes obvious why Nashorn is

Project Nashorn

While the Nashorn JavaScript engine is a drop-in replacement for Mozilla Rhino in JDK 8, it also offers a number of additional features that make it

Project Nashorn: JavaScript's Second Chance on the JVM -

Throughout 2012, JavaScript seems to be solving problems across the industry, causing some justifiable hype across a number of libraries and

Nashorn - The Combined Power of Java and JavaScript in JDK 8

With JDK 8, Nashorn replaces Rhino as Java?s standard JavaScript engine for the benefit of improved performance and compatibility. Avatar.js brings the

JavaScript Marks Its Presence In Java 8s Nashorn

Nashorn provides a direct integration with Java programs and is every Java JavaScript was always an inherent part of Java family, but did

Nashorn (JavaScript engine) - Wikipedia

Nashorn is a JavaScript engine developed in the Java programming language by Oracle. It is based on the Da Vinci Machine (JSR 292) and has been

Java 8 Nashorn JavaScript Engine

Java 8 Nashorn JavaScript Engine - Learn Java 8 in simple and easy steps starting from Overview, Environment Setup, Lambda expressions, Default methods,

Java 8 Nashorn Tutorial - Benjamin Winterberg

Learn the Nashorn Javascript Engine (Java 8) by example The Nashorn Javascript Engine is part of Java SE 8 and competes with other standalone engines

Oracle de-cloaks JavaScript Nashorn project ? The Register

A project to make JavaScript work better with Java is being kicked off Nashorn is the latest effort to diversify the languages supported by the

Nashorn JavaScript Engine - Java Tutorial Blog

Nashorn is a JavaScript engine, an implementation of the ECMAScript Edition 5.1 Language Specification. It comes bundled with Java SE 8. It can be used

JEP 174: Nashorn JavaScript Engine

Discussion nashorn dash dev at openjdk dot java dot net Effort XL Support will be provided for invoking Java code from JavaScript and for

Nashorn - JavaScript for JVM : eficode

Nashorn - JavaScript for JVM ( submitted 2 years ago by Tattoo__ comment sharecancel sorry, this has been archived and can no

Oracle prepping its Nashorn JavaScript engine

Oracle's Project Nashorn is focused on developing a JavaScript engine for the company's JVM (Java Virtual Machine) that is intended to leverage

Oracle Blogs | Oracle Nashorn Blog

During the JavaOne Nashorn: JavaScript for the JVM session, I showed a couple examples of converting JavaScript browser examples to use Nashorn and

Nashorn extensions - Nashorn - OpenJDK Wiki

This Object.setPrototypeOf is a nashorn specific extension that allows JavaScript object with functions properties that provide JavaScrip

JavaScript shell scripting with Nashorn | Benji's Blog -

One of the nice features of Nashorn is that you can write shell scripts in JavaScript. It supports #!s, #comments, reading arguments, and e

Java 8: Compiling Lambda Expressions in The New Nashorn JS

This new engine is meant to replace Java?s existing JavaScript interpreter The Nashorn folks did a very cool thing in my opinion, and instead of

node.js vs Java nashorn -

So I took a typical Javascript payload from my website and applied UglifyJS I did test as well, and seems that nashorn is even faster tha

Nashorn - The Combined Power of Java and JavaScript in JDK 8

With JDK 8, Nashorn replaces Rhino as Java?s standard JavaScript engine for the benefit of improved performance and compatibility. Avatar.js brings the

Introducing the Nashorn JavaScript Engine

This article describes the Nashorn JavaScript engine and show how it can be used to integrate Java and JavaScript.

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