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PHP: uniqid - Manual

PHP 7.2.0 Beta 3 ReleasedGetting Started Introduction A simple tutorial UUIDs generated below validates using OSSP UUID Tool, and output for named-

atphp/uuid GitHub

PHP UUID generator wrapper http://v3k.net/ 22 commits 1 branch 3 releases Fetching contributors PHP 100.0% PHP Branch: v0.1 Switch branches/

DrUUID RFC 4122 library manual

PHP does not provide the server MAC address for use in Version 1 UUIDs, so a random one is used unless supplied by the user Random numbers are

PHP: rfc:uuid

Provide a UUID implementation as part of the PHP standard module, that ensures easy and standards compliant construction, generation, compar

PHP: GearmanTask::uuid - Manual

PHP Manual Function Reference Other Services Gearman GearmanTask GearmanTask::uuid? Get the unique identifier for a task (deprecated)

[PHP4] UUIDs - Grokbase

(13 replies) Going back to the whole session id discussion a while back, why don't we just use UUID's for that? -Andrey * 2 + 2 = 5 for

uuid.php - Free Open Source Codes - CodeForge.com

uuid.php Search and download open source project / source codes from CodeForge.com

PHP function to generate v4 UUID-php-?

So I've been doing some digging around and I've been trying to piece together a function that generates a valid v4 UUID in PHP. This is the

j20/php-uuid GitHub

php-uuid - Generate a UUID v4 using PHP. Generate a UUID v4 (psuedo random) using PHP.Installation:Using a command line interface, change into the

UUID alternative? : PHP

Hello /r/PHP For a project i'm working, I need to be able to create millions of codes alphanumeric 12 to 15 characters long. Do any of you

RPM RedHat EL 6 php55-php-pecl-uuid 1.0.3 x86_64 rpm

Universally Unique Identifier extension for PHP /mirror/rpms.famillecollet.com/enterprise/6/remi/x86_64/php55-php-pecl-uuid-1.0.3-9.el6.remi

php-uuid package : Ubuntu

php-uuid: PHP UUID extension php-uuid-dbgsym: debug symbols for package php-uuid This package has 0 new bugs and 0 open questions

PHP ActiveX Generate UUID

PHP ActiveX PHP Extension PowerBuilder PowerShell PureBasic Python Ruby SQL Server Swift Tcl Unicode C Unicode C++ Visual Basic 6.0 VB.NET VB.NET UWP/

atphp/uuid - Packagist

Toggle navigation Packagist The PHP Package Repository Browse Submit Create account Sign in Remember me Use Github Log in No account

Not a Bug - Offline mode UUID vs PHP | SpigotMC - High

Hello, I've updated all plugins to UUID, and because my server is online-mode: false, players UUID are md5 hash of "OfflinePlayer:<playername>"

PHP segfaulting with pecl/uuid and pecl/imagick - /usr/

GDB backtrace looks like this (without the exact place where it happens in libuuid, as there is unfortunatly no libuuid1-dbg-package in current

Need 2 code something in PHP .. #createuuid()# .. can it be

I'm a Coldfusion person, but now I need to code some small stuff in PHP.It's doing okay, but now I need to something similar as #createuuid(

Uuid.php in openblog | source code search engine

Uuid.php in openblog located at /library/My/Utils <?php /** * Zend Framework * * LICENSE * * This source file is subject to the new BSD


I am developing a PHP application using MVC architecture. I am planning to implement UUID in the URL. How to do this in PHP?

Uuid.php | Drupal 8 | DrupalContrib

* Determines which UUID implementation to use, and uses that to generate * The selection is made based on the enabled PHP extensions with the

[PHP] Minecraft UUID Utilities | Bukkit Forums

Hello everyone! :D Today I have something very special for you all. I have developed a set of classes in PHP that allow you to fetch a players

Matching GUIDs/UUIDs : Regular Expressions String PHP

Matching GUIDs/UUIDs : Regular Expressions String PHP PHP Chart Class Components Cookie Session Data Structure Data Type Date Design Patterns De

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