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yii-example/UUID.php at master asinbow/yii-example GitHub

yii-example - yii web framework example yii-example/protected/components/UUID.php asinbow on Apr 12, 2013 add UUID support 0 contributo

PHP: uniqid - Manual

UUIDs generated below validates using OSSP UUID Tool, and output for named-Here's an example of why:<?phpfor($i=0;$i<20;$i++) { echo

How to install PHP 5.2.17 on Ubuntu Server (example is on

How to install PHP 5.2.17 on Ubuntu Server (example is on Amazon EC2), there was a need to install such extensions as memcache, and uuid

Php C Components Id Jpg Freeware by Downloads - OSSP uuid,

Winsock Fix Vista Client Php C Components Id Jpg Freeware - Free Software Listing (Downloads/Page4). OSSP uuid is a ISO-C:1999 application programming

Generate UUIDs in PHP - Roger Stringer

I?m working on a project currently where I am using UUIDs as unique identifiers. PHP doesn?t have a good UUID function for this, so I wrot

lootils/uuid GitHub

uuid - A PHP UUID Library (Versions 3, 4, and 5) comments in uuid.php as it is well documentedhelpful as well as there are examples in

Question #87216 : Questions : ossp-uuid package : Ubuntu

Why does php5-uuid have a different API than the pecl uuid package? Is the pecl uuid package out of date or did the Ubuntu team re-write the

Download Html Table Generator Php Example Mobile Software:

Free html table generator php example mobile downloads - Collection of html table generator php example iphone, android, windows mobile download - Portable

Call to undefined function uuid_create() in php - Large

I am getting error as "Call to undefined function uuid_create()" in php. Even i tried com_create_guid() guid but it is not working on my

PHP function to generate v4 UUID | Programming Languages

Programming Languages So I''ve been doing some digging around and I''ve been trying to piece together a function that generates a valid v4 UUID in

CakeWX v1.1?:UuiditemFixture.php-?

Command ExtrasShell.php Controller Component Acl HabtmDbAcl.php Auth example_plugin.zip example_theme.zip View ExtensionsLocales admin_add

[Cassandra-user] php and TimeUUID - Grokbase

(2 replies) Hi All, Who can provide a working example of a TimeUUID implementation in php? I either get TException: UUIDs must be exactly 16 bytes

How to generate secret codes / tokens

$code = new UUID; return $code; // Will return something like 53ef6b2Especially in the example I posted above, since PHP's uniqid() function

SDK for PHP 2.0.2 - OpenKM Documentation

OpenKM SDK for php is a set of software developement tools that allows in example you got below must be changed for some folder UUID in your

20.15. uuid ? UUID objects according to RFC 4122 ? Python

For example, these expressions all yield the same the resulting UUID will have its variant and UUID, which are also available as six individual

PHP Manual

argument types are modified to reflect PHP nature This example connects to the hypervisor in () - Try to look up a domain by its UUID

vend/mysql-uuid GitHub

mysql-uuid - A PHP library for manipulating MySQL UUIDs into better performing primary keys

RPM resource php-pear-uuid

The System and Arch are optional added filters, for example System could RPM resource php-pear-uuid Found 1 RPM for php-pear-uuid

UUID alternative? : PHP

Hello /r/PHP For a project i'm working, I need to be able to create millions of codes alphanumeric 12 to 15 characters long. Do any of you

php - How to generate a UUID in this format? - Stack Overflow

The answer currently reads "just string some number together four times", which does not help the OP to generate a reliably unique UUID in the

Low level UUID API in core [#1252486] | Drupal.org

Here is a first baby step towards UUID support in core. This patch adds uuid.inc with tests for validation and generation of UUIDs. We are

pyyoshi/shortuuid-php - Packagist

Toggle navigation Packagist The PHP Package that is being used to generate new UUIDs:

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