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Is there a combination of ?LIKE? and ?IN? in SQL?

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SQL Concatenation for comma seperated list using XML PATH()

SQL Server, Windows, Windows Phone, SAP and ABAP, like SAP UI5, Screen<description>Function 2</description> </row>The returned result is in form

How to Mimic the T-SQL IsNumeric() Function in MySQL

In database programming, custom sort order seems to be necessary quite often, at least in my experience and time here at EE. Within the realm of

in the GROUP BY clause or be used in an aggregate function

(12 replies) Hey all. I've hit an SQL problem that I'm a bit mystified by. I have two different questions regarding this problem: why? and how

PostgreSQL vs. MS SQL Server

In MS SQL Server, table creation goes like this instead: SELECT * INTO clause, which requires a separate table variable definition to function. This

Using CROSS APPLY in SQL Server 2005 -

My interest in writing this article was started by an MSDN article titled SQL Server 2005: The CLR Enters the Relational Stage. The article shows how

Banker''s rounding in T-SQL (like Math.Round in .NET)

Hi! I'm in extreme need of T-SQL function wich will round to the nearest even number, called banker's rounding or rounding to nearest (like Math

Sql And Me | My Experiments with SQLServer

OBJECT_DEFINITION( object_id ) ?is a built-in function. It can also If you like this post, do like my Facebook Page ?> SqlAndMe EMail me

html5sql.js Home Page

It can accept SQL statements in many forms: String - You can pass the process function a single SQL statement in a string like this: "SELECT * FROM


SQL Tips for the Up and Comers Just like most date arithmetic in T-SQL, there are many(the LAG analytic function). His article was quite

SQL Server split function

AngelEyes on .Net Tips, tricks and WTFs about Asp .Net, SQL Server andTo my knowledge, you cannot use the function like that, in a query.You

LIKE (Transact-SQL)

What's New and Enhanced in Transact-SQL (Transact-SQL) + (Add) (TransactALTER FULLTEXT INDEX (Transact-SQL) ALTER FUNCTION (Transact-SQL) ALTE

Emulating SQL LIKE in JavaScript - Stack Overflow

How can I emulate the SQL keyword LIKE in JavaScript? For those of you Assuming what you have already - = function (text) { r

Arrays and Lists in SQL Server (The Full Story)

and I have written an article Using Table-Valued Parameters in SQL Server of integers and a function that returns strings, you can use it like

SQL to Select a random row from a database table

Top 10 Reserved SQL Keywords - October 28, 2008 Backwards LIKE Statements () function is non-deterministic, and as such, can't be used in an

[PIG-2353] RANK function like in SQL - ASF JIRA

RANK function like in SQLAgile Board Export XML Word Printable JSON Details Type: New Feature Status: Closed Priority: Major Resolution: Fixed Affec

like() sql function - SQLite Query Language: Core Functions

If either X or Y are NULL in instr(X,Y) then the result is NULL. SQL function works like the sqlite3_mprintf() C-language function and the

using textual sql

using the declarative_base() function, as followssql>>> for instance in session.query(User).orderLIKE: query.filter('%ed%'))

ewbi.develops: Adding CASE to Access SQL

the lack of support for SQL Server's CASE function in Access SQL. InThe select looks like: select code, greatest(AL,FL,SC,TX,..) as Region

JSON Support in SQL Server 2016 ? jocapc

Even if you don't like to code CLR UDTs you can find and download aOne example of OPENJSON function in T-SQL query is shown in the follow

SQL and PL/SQL Programming in a Global Environment

NLS parameters can be specified for all SQL functions whose behavior dependsFunctionDescription LIKE2 Use when characters are represented in UCS-2 semantic

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