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The site will have to filter out both english and italian words, but for italian I can ask my colleagues to help me with a community-built list

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I am trying to integrate php bad words filter The input is taken through $_REQUEST['qtitle'] and $_REQUEST['question'] But I am failed to do

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The bad word filter is a feature that has been in practically every MMO to hit the market to help shield our precious minds from hearing morality scar

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Describe HR in one word ? What word do you think best describes HR and Talent management? (curses) eve forman, Independent Human Resources Professional

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This support page will give you more information on the level of support offered for Bad words filtering - Plugin for Confession Script that you can

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**Hello dear developers!** Our second asset is now in the store :) The "Bad Word Filter" (aka profanity or obscenity filter) is exactly what the

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[?] chi ha identificato le parole proibite e le ha elencate in Google?s Official List of Bad Words; la scoperta stata ripresa in vari

Filtering bad words

Filtering bad words If you allow for the contribution of content by public users, you may wish to employ the Objectionable Words feature to filter for

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Hi, in my asp classic I had this array that would filter out bad words.But I can't get it to work in asp.netthanks for your help and

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BWF (Bad Word Filter) is a PHP class that uses PCRE to find bad words in strings, and returns an array of bad words found (optionally includiung

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Bad Words Filter. Download32 is source for bad words filter freeware download - SimSimi , Campus Chat Lite , MORKEye , Ad Nuker Popup Blocker & Spam

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Bad::Words - a list of bad wordsKEYWORDSabuse bad dirty words vulgar swear slang drugs sex profane abusive profanity vulgarity swearing sexual slurs

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In instructions I wrote ?press space to shoot?(as in shoot a laser) and a message that a bad word was detected.Why does ?shoot? have to be

How to filter bad words?

How to filter bad words?3 Replies You can use this simple function to filter bad words. Please see attachment for mysql table of frequently used 458

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Anyway, the filter is easy to avoid (everyone does it, me included) and Blocking daily used words is really annoying. I rather see bad words

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PHP Bad word filtering. Checks for the existence of a bad word in a string or array.

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badwordfilter.seewords If a player has this permission, s/he get's notified when a word is blocked. First release File Name Release Type G

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I was thinking about the idea of mods spending more time on trying to stop people from using too many bad words rather than on other regular mod

Convert Custom Bad Word Filter from C# to PHP

Convert Custom Bad Word Filter from C# to PHP I am focusing on transforming a website from C# to WordPress. The website uses a widget that shows

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Swear words filter in flash software: New Software Instantly Formats Your Ezine, Spanish-English flash cards with sound, GuestBook! is an AS2-based, 3D

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The script is already set up with a comprehensive word list that will filter virtually all curse words.No more word lists, no more searching. Install

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Bad Words Filter for Internet Explorer is a simple, yet handy extension designed to censor inappropriate words when navigating on the Internet. Author:

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