What is the best PDF to HTML converter?

We have a simple PDF to HTML conversion tool in our desktop application as well - PDF . It's a modular application, so you can just get the Convert Module (if that's all that you want to do) and you'll be able to do this easily enough.

the difference between PDF specifications and HTML specifications will result in unpredictable outputs, but if your file does not contain interactive elements like comments, or fill-able form fields, you should be OK. Either way, with the power of today's browsers and devices, uploading a PDF as is to your website is a good way to go as well.

You should definitely try the PDF to Image is to use the solution from EVO PDF to Image Converter . It is very accurate in converting the images and text from PDF to Image preserving the layout from PDF document. You can find C# sample code about how to this on the same page. Very good l is also the Winnovative PDF to Image Converter for .NET http://www.xspdf.com/product/pdf-to-image/. The main features of the PDF to Image Converter are:

I've noticed that a previous answer suggests various tools which convert HTML to PDF (of which there are many) but you seem to want to convert from PDF to HTML. That is a much more complicated task. I use a component called ABCpdf from WebSupergoo which is designed to generate PDF docs from within your own software but also has the option to read a PDF and save it as a HTML file.

Unfortunately, the results are not predictable because the PDF specification is a million miles away from the HTML/CSS specification. And so it should be because the formats serve two very different purposes.

My advice is to either leave the PDFs as PDFs and let your visitors view them in their native format in their browser (because every pc, smartphone and tablet has a PDF reader built in) or render the PDF to a high resolution image and display that on a web page. The latter option will lose any active links or ability to copy text so should only be used as a "preview".

At The PDf Chef we have built a design, publishing and social sharing platform that allows users to build PDFs and then distribute them digitally .. one of our unique features is the ability to import a PDF as a vector image and then crop parts of it for use in a design. There is certainly a growing market for sharing PDFs digitally.

There are a number of ways of converting PDF to image, most solutions will not actually convert the PDF to real html elements but rather to a canvas/copy of the document that only works for display.