read data from pdf files using c#

I have this question. I have 5 PDFs having around 38,000 objective questions. So i want to make an application which imports this questions and save it into database and then give interface to the user for choosing question with four objective. I used itextsharp to read from PDFs as a chunk and also line by line. The content after reading is scattered and i cannot figure out a sequence by which i can split or differentiate between the question and the four objectives. Is there any better way by which I can import data from PDFs?? The content in PDFs is in tabular format. read text from pdf in c#

iTextSharp is the more heavily used library for reading PDF. .NET doesn't support PDFs so these forums aren't really going to be that useful for you. You should post your question in the iTextSharp forums where those folks can tell you how to get the information you want from the library.