How to Extract Text From PDF File in C#

I want to Extract particular Text from PDF File and Store it in a String Variable.. and later will use it in Forms

is there any method to Get Text from PDF

The PDF file format evolves over time. If you plan to support PDF files created in the future, you'd better use components that evolve too, such as Adobe's PDF SDK.

By the way, expertise in syntax and languages of C# aren't helpful to your question. I suggest you to visit, where people are more familiar with Adobe's file formats.

There is a way to do it described here where you can get the font information from the pages:

Without trying it, you might be able to use a library such as PDFSharp and in a simpler way just open your document, iterate over all the contents, and extract the font information.

ut the font information into a hashtable for instance for easy handling of the data.