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The Technomancer evaluation: This sci-fi impressive is skin deep

It's a style in The Technomancer, a video game that so desperately wishes to be a huge and vast RPG but never quite handles because regard-- except when it comes to sheer space, which there is a fair bit. And so, after investing seventeen hours with The Technomancer and seeing the credits roll, I 'd think probably a third of it was just me mindlessly running across a map while examining my phone.

Sherlock Holmes: The Devil's Daughter evaluation: A terrible case

Frogwares's Sherlock Holmes games have been on an upwards trajectory for so long, I honestly didn't anticipate them to slip. Examining Penalties and criminal offenses 2 years earlier, I was triggered to state the video games had gone from guilty enjoyment to "legitimately excellent." That's rather a compliment for a series that started with what was basically bad Holmes fanfiction.

Doom evaluation: Glorious guns, gibs, and more weapons

That's all the story you need, and it's pretty much all the story you're getting. This is Doom in 2016-- not done up like Wolfenstein: The New Order, artfully blending the absurdity of '90s shooters with modern-day storytelling and bombast, but just straight-up Doom.