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PowerDVD 16 gains 360-degree video playback: Here's how it works

If you've been waiting for the most powerful customer software application video player on earth to do 360, your persistence has been rewarded. PowerDVD 16 now supports panning, tilting, and rotating of 360-degree video. It's a complimentary upgrade for present owners.

What? You weren't waiting? Exactly what's 360-degree video, you ask? I'm with you. I was barely mindful of the format's presence prior to I saw the e-mail from Cyberlink stating PowerDVD 16 now supported it. Google Street View was the closest I 'd come. Having the ability to search for, down, around, and backwards is quite cool; however with Google Street View, it's a little a slow and rather fixed experience. At least on its own. And yes, I simply grumbled about the other day's wowser technology.

360 video is the very same spherical protection principle, except that it's moving. That makes all the difference because it eliminates you of those ponderous navigation responsibilities. All you do is pan and tilt while the action transpires. With PowerDVD 16, you adjust the viewpoint with either the on-screen control or by simply clicking and "pulling" the image about. It's a silky-smooth experience in any case.

The view aft of the pilot and aircraft.

The view looking forward down the runway.

Not yet perfect

That silky tilt and pan ruined me; now I want smooth manual motion back and forth in time. You can move about the timeline as you can with any video, but it's relatively balky and jumpy. PowerDVD 16 does fast forward, however it lacks a rewind function-- you cannot simply smoothly reverse to that peek of scenery that you found intriguing. Hopefully that's next on the list on the list of upgrades.

The business informed me that if there's a 360 tag in the metadata for a file, PowerDVD will immediately change to equirectangle mode (that's the 360-degree-tilt-and-pan mode). All the files I downloaded for testing needed right-clicking and then picking this mode manually from a context menu. The point being is that this innovation is not yet completely standardized.

Way better than 3D

Why grumble about something that's a whole lot of enjoyable, and-- unlike 3D (a technology that sounds related, but isn't really)-- really uses some benefit beyond titillation. I'm guessing it will not be too long before 360 degree is utilized in orientation and guide videos, not to mention online marketing and so on. I can likewise see all sorts of entertainment applications, especially in sports. And how about Google Street View?

Note that there are a number of cool demos and downloadable 360-degree videos such as the one these screenshoots originated from offered at 360heros. com. Take an appearance.

If you own any version of PowerDVD 16 (Ultra, Pro, or Standard), 360-degree video playback is readily available by means of a complimentary upgrade. If you don't own PowerDVD 16, which, by the way, does the nicest task of rendering video of any software application gamer on the planet, it's available as a leasing for $45 annually, or $15 for three months. The standalone variation is $100 (MSRP).

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